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Community Gaming Grant Application Periods Updated for 2018

Community Gaming Grant Intake Periods Updated for 2018

The Gaming Branch has updated Community Gaming Grant application periods for 2018. This change only impacts Arts & Culture as well as Sport organizations. Previously, both groups applied from February 1st to May 31st; they are now split into two separate intakes:

Arts & Culture – February 1st to April 30th
Sport – March 1st to May 31st

This shortens both application periods from four months to three months. The goal is to improve access to grant analysts and the community outreach manager, creating a net benefit to community organizations. Additionally, when applications are processed faster, groups receive their funding sooner.

To learn more, please visit the Gaming Branch website

If you have any questions or would like Charityworks to support any stage of your Community Gaming Grant application, please contact us at (250) 590-7297 or email us at

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